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             Located at the industry zone close to Chaozhou Railway Station with convenient traffic,Chaozhou Xinpengda Ceramics Co., Ltd is Chinese-American joint venture enterprise which has import and export rights. Its main products are various types of exquisite and beautiful arts & crafts ceramics, decoration ceramics, daily-use ceramic Lamp set and other accessory products that sell well in occident; Middle East developed countries and regions.
            We have numbers of designers, products are of exquisite workmanship variety of new products are constantly put out and are of special technical craft. Our company owns steady selling network in the international markets, commercial credit is increased steadily, and sale operation is flourishing.
            Our management system and quality control system are perfect and practical. Timely and exactly grasping market tendency, establishing high efficiency, prompt and convenient management plans to serve for customers are our principle.
            Our company is closely keeping up with the time of pace with its new appearance, setting out more better products and thoughtful serve in the international market, Company stuff keeps on the purpose of “honest working, Credit First, Serve First”. We sincerely welcome business traders at home and abroad to mutually develop.
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            Mobile: 0086-13501427959 Tel: 0086-768-2972899 / 2972465 / 2972466 / 2922659 Fax: 0086-768-2971809 / 2922809

            E-mail: pd@pub.chaozhou.gd.cn http://www.51jsdl.com
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